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    2. homograph - palabras que tienen la misma grafía y pronunciaciones diferentes English tear homophone - palabras que tienen la misma pronunciación y grafías diferentes English they're, their, there

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    2. And example would be: Her formal bow (to bow, as in a verb) revealed her vibrant red bow on her head (bow, in a noun) This is just an example however a homograph is just two words that are spelt the same however pronounced differently.

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    2. Homographs are words that are spelt the same but have different meanings, for example "right" can mean the direction or something that is true or correct. They are sometimes, but not always, pronounced differently, like "lead" has two meanings and is pronounced differently depending on the meaning. Polysemy is when a word has multiple, related meanings. For example, "man" can refer to humans, human males or human adult males. While it can have three different definitions, all three are similar and have the same origin.

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