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Q: What does It is a horror that greets, perhaps understandably, its
commercial “neoliberal” form more than any other mean?
A: The idea of women carrying babies for others arouses a kind of instinctive horror, and the most horrifying is the form where the market is more important than anything, so that poor, often non-white people, who aren’t encouraged to have children themselves, are encouraged by market forces to rent out their bodies so that rich people can achieve their dreams.
Q: What does That horror movie really makes my skin cold mean?
A: Something very scary. It usually means you’re terrified.
Q: What does much to the horror of her family mean?
A: @Astrrrid to their shock. it means they were shocked BECAUSE of..
Q: What does what horror mean?
A: @denjiro-horror an intense feeling of fear, shock,

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Q: Please show me example sentences with horror.
A: I love horror movies.
I was in a state of horror when I found out that my house burned down.
She screamed in horror when she saw the dead bodies.
His face filled with horror and rage.
The children are a horror to be around.
Horror movies are too scary.
Q: Please show me example sentences with horror movie/horrible movie/scary movie -which one is correct?.
A: Horror: A type of movie.
"What kind of movies do you like? Do you like comedies?"
"Actually, I prefer horror movies."

"I went to see the horror movie that was playing last night. I didn't care for it."

Horrible movie: Can be used to describe any movie that is not very good, or that the person describing it doesn't like. "Terrible" can also be used.

"With such poor reviews, you know it's going to be a horrible movie."

"No, I think that is a horrible movie. Let's watch something else."

Scary movie: Used to describe a movie.

"I won't take my son to see that. It's a scary movie for a little boy."

"Haunted House? Yeah, that's a scary movie."

So you could say, "My friend wanted me to rent a horror movie, but the only ones they had left were all horrible movies. But I'd rather watch a scary movie than a romantic comedy."
Q: Please show me example sentences with What does "I find most horror movies are like that." mean?.
A: It means that you think that something is a common quality of horror films. "I find most xyz are abc" is a common way to generalise a category.
For example:
"I really liked IT but some of the scary parts were too obvious"
"I agree, I find most horror movies are like that"

"I really liked that house but it was way too small for the price"
"Yeah, I find most houses in London are like that"
Q: Please show me example sentences with to my horror.
A: To my horror, the girl jumped down from the building right in front of my eyes.

To my horror, I realized I lost my wallet.

To my horror, I realized that I've missed the last bus home.

To my horror, the crow has taken my lunch and flew away with it.


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Q: What is the difference between a horror film and a thriller ?
A: thriller - 惊险的(电影、书、)
horror film - 恐怖电影
Q: What is the difference between horror and terror ?
A: Horror is the shock of seeing something that's frightening, meanwhile terror is more the apprehension of something frightening.

To put simply,
You see a monster, you're very scare. That's horror.
You feel like you might see a monster and you are scare of that. That's terror
Q: What is the difference between horror and fear and afraid ?
A: Horror is being scared or repulsed by something. Fear is typically more intense than just being scared. Afraid is more of being scared and dreading something.
Fear and afraid can/are used interchangeably. They mean nearly the exact same thing.

“She was horrified by his actions.”
“They feared that he wouldn’t make it through the night.”
“She was afraid that she would make a bad first impression.”
Q: What is the difference between horror movie and scary movie ?
A: I think it depends on who you ask. Some don't see a difference but to me there is.
"scary" is something like jump scares while "horror" isn't always scary. Horror is an emotion and can have violence and gore or something that terrifies someone. A movie with horror isn't necessarily considered a scary movie.
Q: What is the difference between I don't like watching horror movies and I don't like to watch horror movies ?
A: They both mean the same thing.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? you will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension in Japanese or could you explain what beyond comprehension is ?
A: “Beyond comprehension” means that it is something that no one will understand.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? horror
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? fluent, literatüre, horror, guess, truth
A: Literature, fluent, horror, guess, and truth! It's all the sams
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? horror(the pronunciation)
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 怖さを紛らわすために頭の中で曲を流す。(after watching a horror movie)
A: To distract myself from being scared, I listened to a song in my head. (I've never heard anyone say this so it sounds kind of odd. Also maybe "I was still scared after watching the movie, so I thought of a song and got it to play in my head to distract me from the fear.")

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Q: 映画Sleepy Hollowについてのshort reviewです。

This is the beautiful horror film. The headless knight gush out from root of the tree. Does this sound natural?
A: This was a beautiful horror film. Especially the part where the headless knight gushes out from the root of the tree.
Q: I have the (horror) game
Which.... I don't dare to play Does this sound natural?
A: I have a horror game that I am too scared to play with
Q: What is your favorite horror ?Why is it?
A: @Better1writer5: Silent hill(サイレントヒル) it was so scary and fun to wach (^ム^)
Q: I'm interested in horror movies or suspense movies, but I can't watch them since I'm afraid the horrible images remain in me and they terrifies me at night. Does this sound natural?
A: I'm interested in horror and suspense movies, but I can't watch them since I'm afraid the gore will keep me up at night/will give me nightmares.

I like horror and thriller movies, but I can't watch them because they keep me up at night/give me nightmares.


I think "thriller" is more common than "suspense" movies.
Q: I don't like horror film. It gives me the creeps. Does this sound natural?
A: If it is a single movie then say "the horror film" but if you mean horror films in general say "I don't like horror films. They give me the creeps. "

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