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    2. @MariGraceKono: oh! Okay, now that makes sense! 😅😅 I'm sorry, I got really confused and I don't see or hear the word horseplay used a lot. Ever sense the fetish of it, adults stopped using it. I think the only people you will hear horseplay is used by elders. xD But yes! The first example is for children while the other two are used for adults. (:

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    2. The friendly armwrestling turned into a horseplay where tables and chairs were knocked over.

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    2. Don’t horseplay!! You’ll break something! It’s ok to horseplay at home but not at school or work. Usually only children horseplay but I also see childish adults do it too. You might hurt yourself with rough horseplay

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    2. goofball.

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    2. in a normal sentence, yes but in a sign then no

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    2. Today is Graduation Day. I was very lucky to be able to record this special ceremony as a photographer. What impressed me the most was what I noticed while a teacher read a letter of thanks. Everyone was listening carefully and all the students looked at their parents. They observed them seriously and saw them in a way that they never saw them before. I saw tears dropping slowly from their eyes. Suddenly, someone hugged their parents and said, "I love you." I hurriedly snapped a picture to record the moment. When I looked up, I found all the students hugging their parents tightly and saying "I love you." Their parents responded with tears. I kept filming, trying to capture this beautiful moment. "Excuse me, this is a gift for you." I found the student after the ceremony and gave him the photo. "Thank you!" He gladly received the photo. "May I ask how you felt about graduation?" "Sure!" He smiled, "During the graduation, I suddenly understood my parents. I should become independent, not as wild as before. It's time for me to care for my parents and use my own actions to set them at ease. In June, I will take the entrance examination for college. I hope to study harder than before and be admitted to my dream school." "Believe in yourself, you can do it," I encouraged him. Though I haven't graduated yet, as a spectator, I could see the process and hear the seniors' feelings, which make me excited for my graduation. I was moved by the ceremony. It bears witness to our growth, indicating that we have already become adults and are no longer children. It gives us more responsibility and let's us understand struggles for ourselves. We should pursue our goals, even though the road ahead is rough.

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