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Q: What does hump the air mean?
A: technically this means to appear to have sex with an imaginary partner that isn’t there
Q: What does Over the hump. mean?
A: It means the hardest part of your current task is complete. It is also used to describe Wednesday in a work week from Monday to Friday. It is halfway or more of your work week. The idiom to describe Wednesday is. "hump day"
Q: What does hump (Please see below the sentence.)→So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece? mean?
A: A hump is something that camels have. A hairpiece is a wig.
Q: What does I'm not humping them mean?
A: Probably "having sex with"
Q: What does hump day mean?
A: Hump day is Wednesday. It means the middle of the week or the "hump."
Once you get passed that day, than the rest of the week is easy.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with hump.
A: "there is a hump on the road"

errrr.... there is another explicit meaning to this word.. try not to use this word often. :) "bump" has the same meaning of "hump" too :)
Q: Please show me example sentences with hump day.
A: Hump day= Wednesday
This is because it's the middle of the work day so it's like we're half way through climbing a hill and we're at the top of the hump. It shouldn't be used as a replacement to Wednesday; you shouldn't say 'let's meet next hump day.' Usually it's used on the day of.
Example ) It's hump day, only two more days until Friday.

Q: Please show me example sentences with go over the hump.
A: hump is a synonym for bump or very small hill. It is not commonly used this way in America anymore, and is more commonly used to reference sex or as innuendo.

A proper example, the way your phrase uses it:
To get to grandmother's house we had to go over the hump in the road, and this always made us bounce despite our seat belts.

Synonyms of "Hump" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between hump and lump and bump ?
A: an H
an L
a B !

Hump - A camel has a hump.

Lump- She put a lump of sugar in her tea.

Bump- We went over a bump in the road.

These words have multiple meanings actually.
They are unrelated ie not related to each other in meaning at all

They rhyme.

Hump: ( noun) a rounded mass of earth, a camel’s hump
( verb) to make hump shaped
( slang) to have sex

Bump: (noun) a light jolt. He got a bump on his head.
( verb) to run into something. He bumped his arm on the table.
To move or travel along. The car bumped along the road.

Lump ( noun) a mass. It was a lump of coal.
( verb) to put in a group. They lumped them all together
To go in an awkward way. He came lumping along.

Q: What is the difference between over the hump and over the hill ?
A: Over the hill is an expression meaning someone is old, like 50+.

Over the hump means overcoming an obstacle or the hardest part of an event.
Q: What is the difference between hump and bump ?
A: Interesting question! They're essentially the same shape aren't they? My dictionary doesn't distinguish very clearly unfortunately but I want to say that size is the major difference. You can have a small round protrusion on your face. That would be a bump. However if you had a large round protrusion on your back that would be a hump. Camels have humps, not bumps. Roads can have humps or bumps depending on how large they are I imagine. Does that make any sense?

Translations of "Hump"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? a hump and a hairpiece
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? hump
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? hump day
A: Wednesday

Other questions about "Hump"

Q: Happy hump day – of your three-day weekend! We hope you enjoy a little R&R as we honor our forebears Monday with Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day.

What are 'hump day' and 'R&R'?
A: Usually, "hump day" refers to Wednesday, because it's the middle of the work week. Once you get past Wednesday, you're "over the hump" and closer to the weekend. (Imagine Monday is the start of the hill/hump, and you keep climbing to Wednesday, then you start going downhill toward the weekend.)

For a three-day weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon), hump day is whatever day is in the middle.

"R&R" stands for "rest & relaxation."
Q: Please show me how to pronounce so does he have a hump?

wait does he eat Chalk?.
A: This seems like an interesting conversation?
Q: What’s hump day?
A: Wednesday (= because it is in the middle of the week).
Q: What does "hump" in 670 mean?
A: Hump, in this context, means obstacle.
Usually people say "get over this hump (hill)." Saying "through" actually doesn't make sense. This man is probably combining the phrase "get through this" with "get over this hump" by accident. They both mean to overcome.
Q: What is "Almost over the hump" mean?

is it mean the things are pass a middle of all?
A: This means you are almost over the worst of things in a particular task or can be used to refer to the middle of the work week (Wednesday) - the week is over half done.

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