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Q: What does This iced coffee’s good. のcoffee's mean?
Thank you for your clear explanations. I understood.

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Q: What is the difference between iced and frozen ?
A: When something is iced it means it has ice in it or that it’s cold. When something is frozen it means it’s completely solid. it is no longer in its liquid form.
Q: What is the difference between iced and icy ?
A: Icy = something cold enough to have ice particles on it or in it.

"The bread is icy after I pulled it out if the freezer."

iced = something that has ice cubes in it

"I have never tried iced coffee."

Q: What is the difference between iced and icy ?
A: They are similar, though iced usually uses an extra word in grammatically correct sentences.

For example;
'The wing is iced over.' 'The wing is icy.'

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Q: "would you like it iced or hot?" Does this sound natural?
A: This is something you hear more often when ordering a drink that can be served with ice or hot. Coffee for example or tea.

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