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Q: What does are idoms in the voice? mean?
A: To lose face
خیلی استفاده کردن ماری جوانا / علف / حشیش کنف
To turn a blind eye to something
چشم بستم به چیزی / چشم بسته شدن به چیزی
Out of the blue
به طور تصادفی / بر خلاف انتظار /
Idk what u said for the last one

Btw it’s not “what does it mean ___” it would be
“What does ______ mean?”

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Q: What is the difference between idoms and phrases ?
A: I don't know wkwk somebody can explain this?

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? what is idoms????
A: I don't know

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Q: I found out some idoms about happiness, which are
"be on cloud nine" and "be in seventh heaven." Please tell me why it is nine and seventh?? Is there any behind stories or cultural reasons about these?
A: "Be in seventh heaven" most likely refers to the seven heavens (reference to religious and/or mythological cosmology) in which the seventh heaven is known to be the highest heaven.

"Be on cloud nine" makes reference to the seventh cloud. There's no specific answer why the number 'nine' was chosen but a popular reason is that it is considered to be a mystical number.

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