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    2. I’m not sure the meaning on this one.

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    2. Peaceful

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    2. That’s a great word, but you’re better off using “ideal” for a lot of things. Like, “that’s an ideal situation you have at work. Lots of vacation AND a good salary.” Idyllic is used a lot to describe beautiful scenery, situations, or outdoor places. Like, “the house is situated in an idyllic setting, right on the lake with quick access to hiking trails.” You could also describe a job, partner, or life in general as idyllic, but you’d be using it in a somewhat humorous way because it is mainly a word used in writing.

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    2. “What we call” is a way to explain something in simpler words. In this case, it is explaining what knife attacks are. I think the order is weird though. “In the past, there have been what we call knife attacks, where wounds are made around the trunk of the tree”

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    2. If you have a longer trip, you could consider Scotland. In Scotland, Christmas is traditionally less of a deal but New Year (Hogmanay) is really big. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. In England, both York and Bath are quaint old cities that have big Christmas markets and make a good base for exploring.

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