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Q: What does ight im finna beat yo ass

A: "Alright! I'm finally going to beat your ass."
Q: What does ight imma head out mean?
A: It means "OK, I am leaving"
Q: What does ight mean?
A: short for ' alright ' or okay
Q: What does ight mean?
A: "Ight" is not a word in English. It's probably a typo (typographical mistake). It could be fight, light, might, night, right, sight, tight.
Q: What does ight mean?
A: It's slang for "alright" or "fine"

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ight
A: ight or alright

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Q: что такое ight?
A: Это короткий вариант слова «alright“. Значит “хорошо»
I can’t talk right now. I’ll call you back in five minutes.

-Я не могу сейчас говорить. Я перезвоню тебе через 5 минут.

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