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    2. "Ilk" means "people who are all very similar" and "shill" is an informal, slang word that means "peons" or "lowly, Yes-man helpers" or "Shameless followers and supporters of a cause." "The NRA and their sad angry ilk" can be read as "The NRA and the sad, angry people who are similar to them and have similar ideas as them." "They're shills of Big Peace" could be read "They are the peons/shameless supporters of Corporate-sponsored fake peace"

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    2. They're all the same. "Ilk" is normally used when referring to something negative. Someone might say, "I really don't like hiking and things of that ilk." You don't normally hear people say it in everyday conversation. "Sort" and "type" are used interchangeably to refer to different things. Ex. "I like those sort of things" or "I like those type of things".

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