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    2. An impairment is usually something wrong with one of your senses (for instance, if your sight is impaired, you have trouble seeing). A disability is usually something wrong physically, with your body (if you have a leg disability then you have a hurt or missing leg). This can also be used for senses, and also for the mind (a mental disability means your brain works differently than most people’s). A handicap is almost always referring to your ability to walk. If you’re handicapped then you need crutches or a wheelchair. This can also refer other parts of the body, though.

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    2. Offense and violation are very similar. Impairment is quite different. They are synonymous. A lot of the time it is an impairment that gets you an offense or a violation.

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    2. Yes, but in certain situations impediment is more polite. Like when you are talking about a native Japanese speaker who physically cannot pronunce Japanese words, you would say that he has a "Speech Impediment".

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