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    2. After industrialization many labors right have been improved year after year. As for one of Korea's biggest vehicle company 'hyundai' have also improved the rights of their laborers after being founded , and this move is call the "noble labor union". Even though the Hyundai car Labor union is a pioneer for the Korea labor union most of the Korean citizens hate the labor unions movements such as strikes, because the members of the Hyundai labor union's average salary is about 90,000,000 Won for a year. In contrast many of the Korean workers average salary are 31,120,000 Won, but in spite of taking the blame the Hyundai Labor union went on a strike for their gain. This year Hyundai is having a difficult time because of the THAAD problem and sluggishness of U.S. Market. In this issue the company is having a hard time to raise the salary for the labor union. So enough is enough on the account of greed so don't make a decrease in productivity and collapse the suppliers. I hope that as an representative of the Korea labor union that Hyundai motors the union and is striving for their rights, but in order to do that they have to change their attitudes and negotiate the reasonably with the company. I changed some of the wordings so if you have questions just ask

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    2. please change difficult words in this text on more simple synonyms and grammer What are the differences between well developed and less developed countries? -The first economic category is developed nations, which can generally be categorized as countries that are more industrialized and have higher per capital income levels. In addition to having high per capita income and to stable population growth rates, developed nations are also characterized by their use of resources. In developed countries, people consume large amounts of natural resources per person and are estimated to consume almost 88% of the world's resources. The second economic category is developing nations, which is a broad term that includes countries that are less industrialized and have less per capita income levels. The countries which are independent and properous are known as Developed countries. The countries which are facing the beginning of industrialization are called Developing countries. In developed countries the literacy rate is high, but in the developing countries ill-literacy rate is high. Developed countries have good infrastructure and a better environment, in terms of health and safety, that are absent in developing countries. Developed countries generate revenue from the industrial sector. conversely, Developing countries generate revenue from the service sector. In developed countries, the standard of living of people is high, which is moderate in Developing countries. Resources are effectively and efficiently utilized in Developed countries. On the other hand proper utilization of resources is not done in Developing countries. In Developed countries, the birth rate and death rate are low, whereas in Developing countries both of the rates are high.

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    2. the mention of the anti-globalization movement seems like a ちなみに kind of thing to me (the author is saying that Ford hated the same thing people in the anti-globalization movement tend to hate). It's different from the bankers, monopolies and Jews example though, I think that's a list of all the things Ford didn't like which he could avoid by doing business in Brazil.

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