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    2. I was an emotional person, I could easily burst into tears by small things and also got angry by childish jokes. Once, I was getting back home from an extra class, and I met a little girl who pointed at me and said that I was like a chihuahua dog mix crows. As soon as she said that, I stopped and shouted loudly at her. I had decided to hit her, but her mom was sitting behind. That night, those touchy words didn't let me sleep well. I realized I was so dumb, I had better ignored that girl and found something nice to entertain myself instead. First, you use "an" before words that start with a,e,i,o,u. I would also replace "inessential" with "small" because "inessential" is a not really used in normal English, it's really only used when someone's trying to sound wise. Also, "immediately" isn't needed because the context is clear. You can either use "one time" or "once", but if you are using "once", put a comma after it if you are talking about what happened in the past, because "once" has another meaning and readers may get confused. "to" is not needed. I would use "said" instead of "told" because she is pointing at you and saying it, "told" would be used when she is directly telling it when she is close to you. Also it's "told me", not just "told". I can't understand what "chihuahua dog mix crows" means, probably because the girl didn't know English yet. In your sentence you say "As soon as", but as soon as what? If it is as soon as you heard that, you would say "As soon as I heard that", if it is as soon as she said that, you would say "As soon as she said that". "stopped" would be used, not "stopped going", because they mean the same thing, and "stopped" is more natural. "too" is unnatural in this sentence and implies that you are uncomfortable with what it is describing. Example: "She was too loud" would mean that she was uncomfortably loud. Because you are describing a verb, which was shouting, "Loudly" would be used and not "loud". That alone would be enough, but if you want to say you shouted louder than that, you would say "very loudly" or use another adverb like "really" loudly. After you say that, you use a period instead of a comma, because your sentence is getting really long. "That night I didn't sleep well by those touchy words" is a little weird, so I have fixed it for you. Mainly, the "by" part I don't get. You can replace "by" with "because", or you can use the sentence I fixed for you, which is the most natural. Also, you use a comma after "That night", because you are saying what happened "That night". In the last sentence, you are supposed to use "ignored" because you're talking about the past. Also, entertain who? Yourself? "entertain myself" would be used. Also your whole story has a lot of problems with present perfect tenses and simple past tenses, so your whole story isn't perfect yet. I didn't fix them because I don't fully understand it yet. You just have to study them.

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    2. whoever the f**k said money is inessential can transfer that sh*t to me. feels bro. literal feels😂😂😂😂😂

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