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    2. 州の外に物はあまり高くないでじょう。州の中に物は州の外に物より高いです。

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    2. This is a question about nuance. For the most part, they all carry a similar meaning however context would normally dictate which one is better suited. Often the word chosen reflects the difference in outcome compared to what was originally considered. - Inexpensive has the nuance stressing the lower price, or in some occasions, how good it is compared to what you may have thought originally. - Reasonable rather stresses that it is a fair price, neither necessarily more expensive nor cheaper than what you had originally anticipated and is somewhat close to what you had imagined it to be. - Economical refers to saving money in terms of expenses. Some expenses are unavoidable and if someone were to use 'Economical', a native speaker would understand it to be a way to optimise their expenses. - Affordable is incredible diverse. It greatly depends on context in order to fully grasp it, but it does have a nuance of being within your budget. Essentially affordable indicates that the speaker has the ability to purchase or pay for the item compared to other items which may be out of that budget. If you are still stuck feel free to let me know! I will do my best to help. がんばって!

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    2. cheap and inexpensive means that an item does not cost a lot money. it is within your budget. however, cheap is usually associated with materials of low quality or a frugal person. for example, a person would rather buy a shirt that costs less but it is made with lower quality cotton and it tore easily. rather than buying a higher quality shirt for a couple of more dollars , the person can be considered cheap and the shirt the person bought is also consired cheap.

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