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Q: Please show me example sentences with infect.
A: You could get an infection from swimming in the sewer water.
(Infection = noun)
Mosquitos infect many people with malaria.
(infect = verb)

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Q: What is the difference between infect and affect ?
A: Infect is used for infections.
Example: Malaria could infect people from 10 meters away
Affect means to influence or have an impact on something
Q: What is the difference between infect and contract ?
A: Infect: the action of giving some thing a disease or illness
Contract: is the action of receiving or getting a disease or illness.

After work, the doctor washed his hands so he did not infect anyone else.

The girl had contracted an illness from her sick friend.

Other questions about "Infect"

Q: I want to ask you about how to use infect.
what does infect takes as subject?
Virus can infect people. However, can people infect people with virus?(this is correct?)
A: People with a virus can infect people without the virus.
Q: Please show me how to pronounce infect and what is the differences in pronouncing infect and in fact.
A: infect, in fact.
Q: I afraid i will infect my sick to you Does this sound natural?
A: "I'm afraid I'll get you sick."
Q: I might infect my cold to you does this sound natural? Does this sound natural?
A: -I might infect you with my cold

-I might give you my cold

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