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Q: What does "I've got the info down backwards, forwards and doggy style." mean?
A: I’d recommend “I know it like the back of my hand” but basically it means “I know this very very very well”
Q: What does sought-after info mean?
A: The information/data you or someone were looking for.

"Sought" is the past form of "seek", which means to search, to try to find something.
Q: What does The info you gave helps a great deal mean?
A: It means the information you gave was very helpful.

"Great deal" is sometimes another way to say "a large amount" or "a lot."
Q: What does Because you're accessing sensitive info, you need to verify your password for mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does I'm gonna'git some info mean?
A: "I'm going to get some information."

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Q: What is the difference between We have crucial info about this event. and We have decisive info about this event. ?
A: “Crucial” basically means “important” in this context. “Decisive” means “to settle an issue”. When referring to a person, decisive can mean “the ability to make quick decisions”.
Q: What is the difference between info and information ?
A: Info is just a shortened version of information.
Q: What is the difference between in and info ?
A: “info” is a shorted form of the word information
Q: What is the difference between I'll let you know once I will get the info. and I'll let you know when I will get the info. ?
A: Same meaning, "once I get" sounds more urgent than "when I get", but it's the same

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? could you please choose one Among the two?(please see additional info)
A: @simplyforastro the question that I asked it wrong? :)
is it commonly used ?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? You're soaping up all the info
Does it mean learning? If so, how the word soap can be related to?
A: I think you mean "You're SOAKING up all the info"
In this context, it means learning. How the word soak is related is like when a shirt is soaked with water. The shirt has absorbed the water, like your brain has absorbed the information.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? info

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Q: That info is of very value to me. Does this sound natural?
A: Instead, say "That info is of great value to me," or "That info is very valuable to me."
Q: Thank you for the info, Christelle! You should have received the document in your inbox.
Regarding the first night in the city, you could do either, look for an apartment close to us, or try exploring another part of the city if you feel like that :)

It will be great if we can set an exact time for your check in, so I can make sure I’ll be home. Let me know when you have a more accurate idea. We’ll be in touch! Greetings! Does this sound natural?
A: Almost perfect!

Two things:
it will be great -> it would be great
Greetings (suena más a ‘hola’) -> Thank you / See you / Regards, [tu nombre]
Q: I found out info about gerund and participle and also differences between them. Now it seems to me easy. but now:) I really don't know whether I'll be trouble in my future sentences or not. Does this sound natural?
A: "Now it seems easy to me" would sound more natural!
Q: I'll let you know once I will get the info.
Does this sound natural?
A: I'll let you know once I get the info. Sounds more natural. Remove "will".
Q: About the info you inquired, … and About the info you inquired about, … Which one is correct? Thank you.
A: Concerning the information you inquired about ... Would sound natural to me

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