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Q: What does infringement mean?
A: infringement=khalafWarzzi
Q: What does infringement mean?
A: "Infringement" is the act of violating a law or terms of agreement.
Q: What does infringement mean?
A: The action of breaking the terms of a law or an agreement

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Q: What is the difference between infringement and violation ?
A: When talking about rules or laws, they both mean basically the same thing. "Illegally downloading music is a violation of copyright." "Illegally downloading music is an infringement of copyright." Violation can also mean to spoil, or ruin, or damage something. "After that awkward kiss, he felt violated." "Her co-writer violated her great article." Infringement can also refer to crossing a line or border that you're not supposed to or allowed to. "The troops infringed on the borders of the neighbouring country." "She felt he was infringing on her personal space."

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? infringement
A: khalaf warji / Deviation

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