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Q: What does innit mean?
A: "Isn't it"

It exists as a way of writing the very fast way people say it.
It's like how "going to" is sometimes written as "gonna" because that is how it is pronounced when people speak fast.

Don't use it in your own writing, as it is not an actual word but an indication of dialect. :)
Q: What does innit bruv mean?
A: Innit is short for "isn't it?" Some people use this when they want to confirm that the listener has understood or agrees with what the speaker had said.

Bruv is short for brother. Some people use this as a term of friendly address.
Q: What does innit mean?
A: A slang wort for "Isn't it"

Example: "It's cold, innit?" Instead of "It's cold, isn't it?"
Q: What does That's bad innit?


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Q: Please show me example sentences with mad ting innit.
A: I just won the lottery, mad ting innit?
- you can just fit the phrase into sentences which are moments of disbelief or when a unique situation happens
Q: Please show me example sentences with innit.
A: it's a slang for isn't it. Crying is useless , innit.

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Q: What is the difference between ain’t and innit ?
A: INNIT -- is maybe a contraction for.. "isn't it?" Regional expression, UK english.

AIN'T has been discussed here before... regional expression, largely heard in the south/east US.
could me "AM NOT" ("i AIN'T COMING"), or ARE NOT (They AIN'T COMING). or DON'T (They ain't got any ==== They don't have any)

some say using this word reflects poor education, as it is not good grammar. Some disagree, and say it's perfectly acceptable to say this.

Other questions about "Innit"

Q: It's nice and sunny, innit? does this sound natural?
A: That's usually an Essex way of saying it. It would be correct (not in a job interview, nor in formal documents!).

It's REALLY accurate in other words. Although, saying isn't it is not a bad choice either.
Q: He was so sassy, innit? does this sound natural?
A: innit is brit slang, meaning ''isn't it, isn't he, or isn't she''.

I think it sounds natural to British people, but we don't use it in the states.
Q: Can I use "innit" instead of all other question tags?

(don't I, didn't you, haven't you, hadn’t you, aren’t you, won’t they and so on)
A: @Gejemica: Omg lol
Q: 'Innit nice though like?' What does this mean? I know 'innit' is short for 'isn't it', but can't understand 'though like'.
A: It just says "isn't it nice though"
"like" doesn't add any meaning, it's just a part of the informal speech.

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