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Q: What does the instructors phased in the latest edition of the book mean?
A: Usually in this context it means they didn’t set a strict date to change from the old edition to the new edition... Such as allowing students to use either edition for the first year, before making a full transition.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with instructor.
A: He is the instructor for math class

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Q: What is the difference between instructor and teacher and trainer and coach and educator ?
A: "Teacher" and "educator" mean the same thing but "educator" is much more formal. You would almost always use "teacher."

A "coach" is kind of like a teacher for a sport. Instead of having a football teacher you have a football coach.

An "instructor" is a person who teaches but usually outside of an academic setting (a school). You would find an instructor in a lab, or at a workshop, or at an art studio.

A "trainer" is very similar to a coach but they usually help ONLY with fitness or strength, rather than becoming better at a specific sport.

Please note that "instructor", "teacher", and "educator" are all similar enough to be interchangeable, you just might sound a little formal if you use one over the other.
Q: What is the difference between I attribute it to my instructor. and I have to give credit to my instructor. ?
A: It’s more or less the same, only using he word “attribute” makes the statement sound like it’s coming from a machine
Q: What is the difference between instructor and lecturer ?
A: They can mean the same thing, but lecturer is mostly a title given to a person who teaches in a post secondary education institute. An instructor can be anybody who teaches something.
Q: What is the difference between instructor and tutor ?
A: Tutor is usually a private teacher that teaches small group of students or single student.
Instructor is a person that teaches you some sort of skills such as driving, swimming etc.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 「(私が以前から)知っているインストラクター(instructors)はみんな転勤してしまった。今 知っているインストラクターはあなただけです。」
A: All the other instructors I knew before got transferred. Right now you are the only instructor I know.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? instructor
A: /ɪnˈstrʌktər/

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Q: it's like "instructors who wish to place~"?
A: Yes, those are the same things.

The instructors want to put something on hold so it is there when they need it.
Q: Up to how old do you think diving instructor can work? does this sound natural?
A: "What age do you think diving instructors can work until?"
"Until what age do you think diving instructors can work?"
Q: Please show me how to pronounce The instructor has an amazing ability to draw animals using a pencil. .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: An instructor teaches Yoga to us in English, and only by words.
(I'd like to say the instructor only explains and doesn't Yoga pose.) does this sound natural?
A: It might be better to say, "a yoga instructor teaches us by speaking English, and doesn't do the poses."
Q: The instructors have been invited presenters at the conference. does this sound natural?
A: Your second answer is technically correct but a more natural way to say it might be: The instructors have been invited to present at the conference.

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