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Q: What does insulted mean?
A: To take offense to a comment/action because it's usually hurtful.

"He called me ugly" - that's an insult.
"He insulted my character."

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Q: can I say, "she hasn't spoken to me, she must have been insulted by my joke"?
A: yes, it sounds natural
Q: You’ve insulted me. does this sound natural?
Q: I have never ever been insulted like that in all my life, so I'm just surprised rather get pissed off. does this sound natural?
A: "I have never been that insulted in my whole life, so I'm just surprised rather than pissed off." is more natural

but you can also use "never ever" and "insulted like that", they would also sound natural i guess... but "in all my life" is kind of strange and "rather get pissed off" is wrong. when you use rather you have to use than after as in "rather than". "whole life", "entire life" or only "life" can be used here.
Q: I am tired of being insulted and being considered a victim to other people. does this sound natural?
A: by other people*

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