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Q: What does insuperable mean?
A: impossible to overcome
Q: What does insuperable objection mean?
A: I had to look the word 'insuperable' up in the dictionary! :)
It means something that can't be overcome, like a problem. So an insuperable problem would be one that couldn't be solved. So I guess, an insuperable objection would be one you couldn't argue against. I think.....:p
Q: What does insuperable objection mean?
A: An insuperable objection can occur when a proposal is not accepted and it is not possible to come to an agreement because of irreconcilable opinions.

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Q: What is the difference between insuperable and insurmountable ?
A: I have never heard the first word in my life, and I am reasonably well educated. therefore, go for 'insurmountable'. looking at their definitions it looks like they mean exactly the same thing

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