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    2. ‘To begin with, I do not agree with the reason and argue that college and university students prefer to make their own decisions than to follow directions.’ *This part is unnecessary, you repeat the exact same thing as your previous paragraph. You should delete this. The GRE writing test, like any other standardized test, is looking for concise writing that gets your message across. College students and university students have to abide by rigid rules in high school and thus must be tired of following directions rather than making their own decisions. *Commas are only used with two independent clauses. The previous sentence does not need one. Also there shouldn’t be an article in front of ‘high school’. Of course, supporters would argue that since students are accustomed to following directions, they are also be willing to follow the guidance of the university or college. However, even if some students prefer to follow direction, college and universities should allow them make their decision on their own as such a capability is really essential for them to live the world. * Everything in the past few sentences are very repetitive. Often there is a misconception that more words = better writing, but it’s not true! *Colleges and universities are analogous so you don’t need to keep saying both; just using one is fine! For instance, there is a well-known theory called the responsible mindset theory in sociology. This theory argues that responsibility can be raised by practicing decision making by individuals themselves and the capability of making a decision is important to succeed. *In formal writing you want to avoid intensifiers such as very and really! This is because no one can succeed and live their life successfully just by following guidance. Grounded the example (I’ve never heard this before? Would ‘Given this example’ be better?) I believe that students do not prefer to follow the directions and even if they prefer it, the university should have them make their decisions by themselves in order to raise their responsibility. *Again, this is repetitive. By providing the example of the theory, you are implying that you think the university should allow more freedom for students. This isn’t necessary until you’ve made all you points at the end.

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