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    2. He spoke while chewing a large piece of gum, so the intelligibility of his speech was quite poor. The intelligibility of the presentation can be improved if we hire a better speaker and increase the size of the words on our slideshow.

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    2. Intelligibility is the degree of something being able to be intelligible, or understood easily by the senses, most often when heard by someone, or read from someone who has written it, so an example would be "Her writing was very UNintelligible" meaning that you wouldn't be able to read it because it is sloppy. Another example would be, "The drunken man slurred his words so that he was unintelligible". People mostly use "unintelligible" as opposed to "intelligible" because intelligible isn't really natural to say. Comprehensibility is the degree of understanding based off of thought process and mental understanding, so for example, "The grammar in her sentences was off so it was a little hard to comprehend" so, they read the sentence and they were a little confused by it, comprehension is related to confusion, if something is INcomprehensible that means that it is very confusing to read, and so you have to think about it more to understand it. Another example would be "His comprehensive skills are still developing". Another thing that is related to comprehension is the ability to take two ideas and connect them together, like deduction. I hope I wasn't too confusing x)

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