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    2. Smoldering: Very hot; on fire; くすぶりの Intensity: Strength; passion; force; 明暗度; 激しさ Smoldering look: 熱い視線 Smoldering intensity: くすぶりの激しさ; 感情を押し殺してくすぶらせること; 心の内側にある激しい感情を抑えこむ

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    2. Smouldering = something is thick, suffocating, strong. The word literally comes from describing the smoke produced by a fire 🔥 Intensity = (intense) to be strong He looked at me with smouldering intensity = he looked at me with a very serious/strong expression. Smugness = arrogance, pettiness, confidence “I wanted to slap that smug look right off his face.” Usually people are smug with themselves when they have accomplished something they wanted (maybe at the expense of another person).

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