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    2. Many of the character's lives/stories are intertwined. Although many characters are intertwined gets your point across it could be taken as they are physically intertwined

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    2. Today's question Is there a song that is interwined with a particular memory? My answer It's an old rock song called "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. Its guitar riff is very famous, and it's the first riff I played on my guitar. I've started playing the guitar since junior high, and I was taught how to play. My teacher liked old rock music, so I was influenced by him. This song's guitar riff is very good, it reminds me how fun it is to play the guitar!

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    2. It is common knowledge that art is interwined in most aspects of our lives. First and foremost, I would like to mention enjoyment. Whereas some people find the idea of dedicating their lives to arts fascinating, others, as myself (that may not have a prowess for art) enjoy the different creations of artists. A popular reason why we may refuge in art is not only the want to escape the drudgery, but also to unwind the strain of a tough week of work. Seldom do we see someone who is not keen on movies, or does not enjoy going to art exhibitions. Furthermore, we enjoy wearing designed clothes or seeing architectural designs where artists have put a lot of hard work and creativity. Another point worth mentioning is education. More often than not, we can learn from the different works of art. An example that pops into my head is the myriad of paintings which depict different moments of history. Only by acknowledging the era where these masterpieces were created can we understand many aspects of the traditions and even values of these cultures. In addition, I do believe that schools should teach children how to interpret works of art. In regard to decoration, it goes without saying that different generations have made use of art to decorate. For instance, the emperors allocate a great amount of money so an artist could create masterpieces. Such as sculptures, paintings, architectural designs, just to mention a few. The reason why they do so was not only the want to display how wealthy they were, but they also wanted to become timeless. Due to these investments we can have knowledge of our ancestors. In conclusion, I would say that art encompasses every field of human beings.

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