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Q: What does I was, I don't know if investing is the word, but I was spending a lot of time on it and I kind of like decided to close my wall, because I thought that I was just spending too much time,

it's about SNS saying Facebook and along these lines mean?
A: @Kyanacy Ah, Facebook has a wall. But, there are quite a few social media sites that have 'walls'. In which case it would be close the Facebook Account. I'm not sure how to say Facebook Account in Japanese unless it's フェースブック・アッカウント

So ... フェースブック・アッカウントを閉じた。

However, Facebook didn't exist when I was in Japan. So, people may use a different verb for closing accounts. But, since you wanted to know the meaning only, hopefully that's close enough. No?
Q: What does I just don't like investing myself emotionally. mean?
A: It means that they don't like to get emotionally tied with someone.

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Q: What is the difference between You should try investing. and You should try to invest. ?
A: "Investing" is the activity / career / hobby like in the stock market. the first sentence assumes that person has never invested before. The second sentence is more of a command and is more general; one could invest in their own health or their education etc.

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Q: we must, therefore, keep investing in new vehicles so...are able to provide high quality services.
A. we B. they
pls, help me
A: a. we (we must keep on investing in new vehicles. so, we will be able to provide high quality services)
Q: It's worth investing my time(or my money).

Is this sentence natural?
A: yes it is natural
Q: I’ve been investing in korean for 10years.

Does this sound natural?
A: I’ve been investing in Korea for 10 years.


I've been investing in Korean companies for 10 years.

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