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Q: What does Many investors must be hoping that he will be dethroned, his publishing empire dismembered.

In this sentence, what's the meaning of "his publishing empire dismembered"? mean?
A: A publishing empire consists of many newspapers, magazines, TV-channels and so on, owned by one person.

To dismember such an empire means to chop it up into smaller companies with more owners.
Q: What does The investors lost a lot of money when the company went out of business. mean?
A: Investors give a business owner the money they need in order to open the business. If someone “goes out of business” it means they didn’t make any money, so the business closed permanently. If the investors gave the owner a lot of money, and they close quickly, the investors probably lost all the money they gave the owner.
Q: What does he happens to be one of the greatest investors mean?
A: he spend a lot of his money to a certain company or business which he trust
Q: What does institutional investors went on a bargain-hunting selling spree. "a bargain-hunting"?? mean?
A: "Bargain hunting" is looking for the best deal

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Q: Please show me example sentences with investor.
A: I needed to get an investor after I won a million dollars.
Who is your investor?
Where can I find a investor?
What does an investor do?
My investor is great, I've made a lot of money.
Why does your/my investor suck?
Why do I need an investor?

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Q: What is the difference between investor and speculator ?
A: An investor buys stock in a company. A speculator buys large amounts of something (maybe stock, or maybe something else) in the hope that it will increase in value later.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? The established investor suggested his friends buying some shares before the global economy rebounds.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: (Sorry, but I only want to ask native English speakers.)

Institutional investors frighten individual investors by selling a lot of stocks and lower the prices sharply. As a result, many individual investors sell their stocks because they are afraid that their unrealized loss increases more.
does this sound natural?

How about: Institutional investors intimidate individual investors by selling a large amount of stocks which sharply decreases the prices. As a result, many individual investors sell their stocks because they are apprehensive that their unrealized loss will continue to increase.
Q: What does "it frees up other investors for these deals, and also contains spreads" mean in the following sentence?

Its presence also benefits those not on its platform, since it frees up other investors for these deals, and also contains spreads, according to a CLO manager based in London.
A: free up = make something available
contain = make smaller; prevent from getting too large
spread = the difference between the buy and sell price

It makes other investors available for the deals, and it prevents the difference in buy and sell prices from getting too large.
Q: Who is it has favored by investors right now? does this sound natural?
A: "Who is favored by investors right now?"
Q: The investors sell dollars and go for some stocks. does this sound natural?
A: @americanenglish: I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say but maybe it's the way its phrased "The investors sell stocks for some dollars." or "The investors sell stocks and go for some dollars." stocks are something people invest in.

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