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    2. Merci !!

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    2. I loved this, it was truly great. And I think you're absolutely right. When it comes into a religion that you're not familiar with, or is not your own, there needs to be some kind of tolerance towards the religion and it's followers.People need to understand Tha yes, recently there have been people going around, claiming to be 'Islamic,' and use it to their own sick advantage, but no, not everything in the particular religion is a terrorist. Never let anyone make you less than the great person you are, no matter what. P.S: One of my best friends is a Muslim 😃

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    2. -Everyone, not Every one -This religion is just beautiful comma but... -atheism, and other... (list of more than two items) -I'm having a hard time understanding the "This religion is just beautiful, but the negativity... (it seems like you didn't finish your statement, and also it is a very long sentence) -when you said "and at the same time form..." I would clarify that you mean YOU have to, at the same time, form rational... When I first read it I thought it was "not let these various hurt my faith and (not let them) form rational... I would maybe say "and, at the same time, I have to form rational and sound arguments against them (it's just one of those times where the "and" can be ambiguous, you know?) -But that doesn't stop there. (no comma after but) -when you say "affects my spiritual as well as.." I assume you mean "my spiritual well-being and my emotional well being" but it sounds like you have an adjective without a verb (maybe just say "my spiritual as well as emotionional..." -it just sounds off because there are two "my"s) -there is no one answer to this (only 1 "this") -for a sound heart and gain more and more knowledge for a sound intellect. (I don't understand) -One of my biggest challenges in life HAS been... -I have a problem WITH over thinking things -On the spiritual side of things, there are many things that can affect one's/a person's/someone's health (it sounded weird when you said "spiritual" a second time) And among those things that negatively affect my health, is the feeling of isolation. (The sentence structure before was hard to understand) -The closer I am... Overall, very good essay indeed! There are just some technical mistakes, and some sentence awkwardness. I hope this helps, and if you have any follow-up questions, just ask

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    2. An "ism" means a word that ends with "ism". It is slang. Other isms are colonialism, elitism, etc. They're saying that at some point, everyone is going to witness racism. Whoever wrote that is trying to say that everyone knows about racism.

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