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Q: What does this isnt sitting right with me.
A: I feel uncomfortable about something that someone said or did.
Q: What does It isnt going any where mean?
A: It means there is no future or resolution for this. It can apply to different situations. Some examples: This argument isn't going anywhere, we will not agree. The girl says to her boyfriend, I don't want to see you anymore, this (friendship) isn't going anywhere.
Q: What does it isnt going any where mean?
A: If it's used metaphorically, it means that it's not going to change. For example, "The new tax laws are not going anywhere" or "This new fashion isn't going anywhere".
Q: What does i know this isnt english bit i was still wondering what it means mean?
A: @kaylajanedl: yes i know but i wanted to know what it meant

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Q: What is the difference between there isnt anything I could do and there isnt anything to do ?
Q: What is the difference between isnt it healthy to move on? and isnt it good to move on? ?

Healthy to....=fit or totally ok (physically)
Good to...=able/ ok

1.I am healthy to go in that ring. (My broken leg is now ok so I am ready to go)

2.I am good to go in that ring. (My broken leg is not completely healed but yet I am pretending ok and insisting to go in the ring)

[Look, 2nd sentence can also be used to mean the 1st one, but the 1st one can not be used for 2nd. If it is used, it would sound a little weird and unnatural.

Hope it helped

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? This isnt a question but I wanna have a conversation with a native speaker and i want some recomendations for improve my english
A: I will be glad to help you with your English if you would like! I am a native speaker and have been my whole life. Feel free to ask me questions and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? learning English is difficult, isnt it ?
A: "Would you agree that English is difficult to learn?"

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Q: is it true that It isnt nice to say "you are welcome" when someone says "thank you"?. I've read some websites where It is said that in general "you are welcome" doesnt sound good. in that case, what would be the best answer?
A: It's entirely down to personal opinion, but very, very, very few people are going to get annoyed at you for saying "you're welcome". The reason it can sometimes be seen as not a good answer is that some people feel that saying "you're welcome" implies that you think that you did something significant or that inconvenienced yourself and so you're basically agreeing that you did a good thing? I don't really know how to explain it, but some people don't like saying "you're welcome" unless they've actively done something difficult or that took effort because they feel like they're being self-important.

Other responses are "no problem", "my pleasure" and "happy to help", but all of these can be seen as "rude" by some people so honestly, just choose how you feel you want to reply to "thank you" and go with it. If someone's going to get offended by how you respond to being thanked, then there's nothing you can really do about it.

Personally, I rarely say "you're welcome" because I don't really feel like I've done anything worth being thanked over, so I tend to either say "sure" or "no problem/worries". For example, if I help someone carry their stuff, I don't feel like I've really done anything that big so if they thanked me, I probably wouldn't say "you're welcome". If I feel that I did actually do something worth thanking someone over, then I'm more likely to say "you're welcome". Again, this is just personal preference.
Q: Which is correct?

There ( is no, isnt, are no, arent) any monkeys in front of the bus.
A: There aren't any monkey's in front of the bus.
Transitioning from "no" to "any" doesn't sound right. So we can eliminate two of them. Monkey's is plural. We want to use versions of "are" in the case of plurals. So that eliminates "isn't" .😁
Q: no, he isnt giving him a Coca Cola does this sound natural?
A: yeah sounds fine. Just watch your apostrophes in “isn’t”. Also a lot of Americans would shorten Coca Cola to Coke
Q: we say "it got me shook" but grammartically it should be "it got me shaken".... isnt it?
A: @tjstkdn "The movie got me shaken," doesn't sound right, you could say "the movie got me shook," but thats very informal. You should only say that with your friends who understand the meaning of the slang!
If you are talking about the movie scared you or put you on edge you could say, "That movie scared me." Or "That movie was crazy!"
Q: "It could be there isnt much happening in her life right now. Or Maybe she need some to time to reflect. " does this sound natural?
A: It could be that there is not much happening in her life right now or maybe she needs some time to reflect..!!:D

But very good ..keep going :)

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