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Q: What does you're italic i'm in bold mean?
A: Bold text can be a metaphor to show that you're out there (popular/seen).
Italic text is slanted and can be a metaphor that you're not really seen or "behind bold."

Basically, I'm a star and you're behind me.

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Q: What does 'in italics' mean in the following sentence?
‘even O’Brien, Winston noticed, seemed to pronounce the words as though they were in italics
The dictionary says italics is a kind of typeface, why is it used here to describe the tone of speech?
A: The context isn’t fully clear, but it looks like they just mean emphasize. When we italicize text in writing, it’s usually because it’s important (plus other formatting things, like titles or words), so reading it as though it were italicized would just be that.
Q: When should you use italics
A: As far as I know, you use italics when the word or phrase is in scientific notation, a title, or in another language.
Q: Could you write in italics? I want to learn to write a little. Does this sound natural?
A: Could you write in cursive? I want to learn how to write it
Q: What does it say?
I can't read italics. This may be a brand name starting with "J" and including "&".
Thanks in advance.

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