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Q: What does jabbering mean?
A: being chatty; talking rapidly and excitedly, often not even making sense. "he jabbered away to his friends"
Q: What does She will jabber your head off! mean?
A: I see. Only "talk your head off" is ok 😊 Thank you😊💓 It is helpful!!!! ✨
Q: What does What does,, jabber" mean? mean?
A: Продолжать говорить без конкретной темы. My youngest son always jabbers. I want him to be quiet.
Q: What does What does,,jabber away" mean? mean?
A: Jabber means to talk excessively with little meaning. When someone is jabbering away, it often means that they are talking excessively with no awareness that they are not making sense, or that they've lost the interest of their audience.

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Q: What is the difference between jabber and jibber-jabber and blabber and ramble ?
A: Ramble is to talk (or walk) in a long and wandering way. Blabber is to talk foolishly, mindlessly, or excessively. "she blabbered on and on" Jabber is to talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense. "he jabbered away to his friends"

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