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    2. Jeszcze asap - as soon as possible , btw - by the way , nvm - nevermind , brb - be right back , af lub asf - as fuck , tfw - that feel when , tbh - to be honest , ama - ask me anything , gj - good job . 😊

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    2. ill or sick means „chory“. I don’t recall any derivatives from it though, except ill-advised or similar that have different meaning, not related to sickness. For „chorowity“ i would use chronically sick or „of weak health“, nothing better comes to my mind right now. Some examples? Sure. i’m ill, i don’t feel too well. i’m feeling really weak, i can’t manage to make myself leave bed. She is really poor girl, of weak health from birth. Regarding states, sure there are some with conflicts, but you mean general like „west coast“ vs „east coast“ or old „southern“ states vs „northern“ (old secession division) or maybe something more local, and with what context - sociological, economic or geographical?

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