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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? (JOJO )やれやれだぜ
A: "Good grief" or "give me a break" would be the closest.

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Q: When I read JOJO Bizzarre adventure PART 7 in which scenes is America in 1853,I saw fence in some street.
Was there fence in this era??
How do you think about this?
A: After looking up "When were fences invented in America" the answer I got was around the mid-1800s, mainly around the 1870s and 1880s.

"During the mid 1800s, American settlers -- largely farmers -- were moving to the South and West in search of new land. Where they had previously lived in the Northeast, stones or wood for walls were plentiful, as was labor. In a treeless land with few stones, though, stone and wooden fences were difficult to come by. In absence of these, farmers searched for acceptable substitutes. In 1873, barbed wire fencing was invented at the De Kalb County Fair in Illinois. A farmer presented the initial idea, and the concept took off from there. Later, barbed wire would serve as inspiration for chain link fences."

Hope that helps.

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