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    2. Our friendship ended because I jokingly told her she's ugly.

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    2. I think I understand the situation fully now. Thanks again for explaining it to me, and sorry for the belated reply. Anyways, I think this question is a bit tricky, but I'll try my best to give a good answer and explain the thought process behind it. Of the possible translations for your sentence that exist, at least the ones I've come up with, the best seem to be fairly liberal. Taking into consideration that you want to say the sentence in a joking manner, let's take a look at the following translation. "Oh yeah, I can TOTALLY explain that in English." This, as I'm sure you can tell, is already noticeably liberal, and even then I would say it's lacking something. As to why that is, it's because I think it could easily be misinterpreted as a passive-aggressive, snide remark as opposed to a light-hearted joke. If we wanted to say something that would be extremely hard for a native to misinterpret as passive-aggressive, I would say something like this. "Oh yeah, I can TOTALLY explain that in English... (I can't lol)" I'm sure you know this too, but emotions and intentions can easily be misunderstood when you're interacting with someone over the internet, and sarcasm is no exception. One might even say sarcasm is one of the easier things to misunderstand. That in mind, I gave the answer I did. People might say, you included, that this was too much effort for an answer like this - which may be true - but I felt like this deserved a nuanced answer. Again, sorry it took so long. I hope you can find something useful in it.

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    2. たいていアメリカで自分の長所を言うのは押さえつけることより勇気付けることだと思われているなので、訳してもちょっとおかしく聞こえます。 本当に言いたいなら、笑いながら: "Don't praise yourself!" と言ったら一番自然だと思います。でもまだ意地悪く聞こえるかも知らないので気をつけて下さい。 例外は言いすぎて高慢になっているように見える時と実ははぜんぜん上手ではない、冗談で言った時なのです。 後の方なら色んなことを言えます。普通は疑いを示すことと冗談に褒めの続きをすることです。 疑いを示す事にするなら、 "Yeah right!" とか言ったら自然です。 それとも "pfft" の音は疑いや感激でもされていない気持ちを示すためによく使われています。 使われている例です:

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