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    2. (My Favorite Word) Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. There are lots of difficult mysteries in the world; How was the universe born, who was Jack the Ripper, why is she angry, and what is my favorite English word? I bet you won't solve the last mystery without a hint. The first hint is just one word, nothing else. The second hint, it must be an easy word because I saw it in a juvenile novel. The third hint, It describes an action you must of done before or even done today. The forth hint, it appears to be bad manners because you usually do it when you are angry, annoyed, or irritated. Another thing about it is it makes a loud noise. The fifth hint is in order to do it, you need a window, a door, or a gate. Could you guess what it is? The answer is "slam". If you solve the mystery, however, you must not understand why I love "slam". This is because it is an impressive word for me. I saw it a few months ago, when I started to relearn English. At first, I couldn't figuee out the meaning. So I looked it up in my dictionary, and it was written, "slam: バタンと閉める". It was so touching. Could you guess why? To describe "slam" in Japanese, I need two words, "バタンと" and "閉める". That is to say, there is no Japanese, which accords completely with "slam". This is the difference of cultures, isn't it? That's why I love "slam" so much.

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