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Q: Kabuki is a Japanese traditional art, and its history lasts 400 years.It is said that there are over 400 kabuki programs, but it can be roughly divided into three programs.The first is the antique(jidaimono).It is a work mainly dealing with the society of the court noble and the samurai.The program is based on historical events before the Edo period.The domestic play(sewamono),which is the second category of kabuki, is based on the Edo's common people society.The story is wide, and it includes programs based on incidents that created a sensational headline at that time.The third category, the conduct product(syosamono), refers to the program with little speech and centering on the dancing.While jidaimono and sewamono are plays, it consists of the music and the dancing. does this sound natural?
A: I agree with but I want to add that you should leave a space after a period before starting the next sentence
Q: I went to watch kabuki at the cinema. Kabuki is Japanese traditional art. does this sound natural?
A: Sounds fine👍
Q: A famous kabuki actor told about decease of his wife with tears at press conference. does this sound natural?
A: I would recommend to capitalize the K in Kabuki (because it is a name). Instead of decease of his wife, I would use his deceased wife. Lastly, after at, I would recommend using a or the. I hope this helps

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