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    2. Gunkanzima become World Hesitate Site recently. This should be "Gunkannjima has become the World Heritage Site recently." I’m Nagasakinisi high school. This should be "I'm from Ngasakinishi High School." Nagahamaneru was this school student. This should be "Neru Nagahama was this school student." By the way my hobby is to sleep, eat, play with friends, go fishing, watch movie, sleep, eat, drink, sleep, ... This should be "By the way, my hobby is to sleep, eat, hang out with my friends,go fishing, watch movies, sleep, eat, and drink..." drinkはこのままだとお酒を飲むという意味ですが、あなたは18歳ですよね? あと、Please tell me your special place.はどういう意味ですか? また、子犬のような性格と言いたいと思うのですが、poppyではなくてpuppyだと思います。

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