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    2. Keeping a clean kitchen takes care of family health Take care of your family's health by keeping a clean kitchen I take care of my family's health by keeping a clean kitchen

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    2. ( I used to work / I was working ) Usually after to the verb is in it’s base form remove ( ed /ing ) ( had various duties ) I think had is better as you know longer work in there. Various represent plural so duties is better after it ( I had to do these duties ) I think you’re missing do, and it should be duties ( so I had to go to work two hours earlier than other people ) After to ( base verb ). I think earlier is like a fancier word for before if that makes sense it’s really a preference nothing wrong ( Even though it was a ton of work, it was really hard I almost died ) Ton describe quantity hard isn’t countable it’s more of a measured level so you can’t say a ton of hard, so use a ton of work ( but I was satisfied because this kind of duties is what I wanted ) Satisfied misspelled and a missing ( is ) ( whenever I finish doing them I feel achieved ) ( whenever I do them I feel the achievements ) It’s redundant to keep repeating duties after mentioning them a couple time you can use them to represent ( duties ). I put two sentences because it’s wrong to say I feel achievement so you either add ( the ) or change achievement to a verb ( achieved ) ( I was bombarded by a lot of orders) ( The bills had hot pot, grill ) I’m not sure about this sentence so I make it as you’re describing what was ordered ( It’s too much to make by myself, but I ended up making all of the dishes ) No need for them and it That’s what I found I only rewrote what has errors. You’re on your way Good luck ♡

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    2. "Cooking with kimchi can create a mess on the wall of the kicthen if it involves frying. It gets stuck on the wall sometimes."

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