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Q: What does But they couldn't get rid of the knockoffs. (knockoffs? ) mean?
A: knockoffs = imitations, probably illegal. Typically of something expensive.

Is that a Rolex? No, it's a cheap knockoff (or knock-off) from China.

I wanted to buy a real Gucci purse, but I had to settle for this cheap knock-off.
Q: What does knockoff product mean?
A: It usually refers to a product that is a bad imitation of another product or of an original product
Q: What does knockoff mean?
A: a fake version of an original

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Q: Please show me example sentences with knockoff.
A: She bought a knockoff Fendi handbag. It's not the real thing.

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Q: do you have any knockoff of a nike shoes? does this sound natural?
A: Do you have any nike (shoes) knockoffs?

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