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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? i have a basic knowleage about english, i think and make sentences which have come my studying before.
A: Vocal wise?

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Q: I would to learn some knowleage about the environment problem, for example, how does it generate, what's the specific influence, and how to safeguard ourselous. base on those information I would spend some money to buy related instruments or facilities to protect ourselous. of coure I would consider to transfer to another city as well. does this sound natural?
A: ‎I would TAKE STEPS to learn MORE about the environment problem AND how IT WAS CREATED, specific influenceS ON THE PROBLEM and how to safeguard ourselves. BASED on THIS information, I would MAKE WHATEVER FINANCIAL OUTLAY (or just use 'buy') TO OBTAIN related instruments or facilities to protect OURSELVES. Of coure, I would consider TRANSFERRING to another city, as well.

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