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    2. Someone (not from Korea) who believes Korean culture is better than their own, idolizing it. They often throw random Korean phrases into conversation with people that don't speak Korean. They're almost always way too into K-pop. They're also pretty much universally annoying.

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    2. Koreaboo - a person who LOVES Korean culture and is OBSESSED with it 한국와 한국대중 문화를 찐자 좋아하는 사람. 그 사람은 집착했다. (죄송합니다. 한국어를 잘 못해요) Koreaboos often - try to “act Korean” - obsess over Korean “culture” (music videos + dramas...) - sexualize/fetishize Koreans - denounce their own race, nationality, and/or country. Cringe = something really embarrassing that it makes you cringe.

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