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    2. What a beautiful sunny day, there's not a cloud in the sky.

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    2. Thank you for the grammatical explanation of English. I could understand the indefinite article. I feel that "A typhoon is coming soon" is more urgent than the sentence of "A typhoon will come soon". Regarding "in spite of", I keep to remember that it is more common to use in such sentences :::::::: Thank you for writing your poetry following my writing sentence. (My sentence becomes a poetry style like a child 's sentences, because it is not enough knowledgeable about English yet.) When I read your poetry and I felt the abilities and admirably of animals surviving in the nature. Human beings will gather information by listening radio or television on what happens when a typhoon comes, then starting evacuation actions accordingly. On the other hand, since animals start to act by feeling changes in wind, clouds, temperature, etc. with the body, I think that the instincts that are equipped in many creatures are wonderful. -My sentence sent in continuation- There was a God! I appreciate our lives from you has given. I have prayed that you would provide a place to endure in that storm. However, even if I have lost my life in that storm, if it was the judgment you've given as a reflection of my sinful deed, I would not have regretted my death. Thank you God! 神様(kamisama)はいたよ! 貴方(anata)が与(ata)えて下(kuda)さった私達(watasitati)の命(inoti)に感謝(kannsya)いたします。 私(watasi)はあの嵐(arasi)の中(naka)で耐(ta)えしのべる場所(basyo)を与(ata)えて下(kuda)さることを祈(ino)りました。 しかしながら、もし私(watasi)があの嵐(arasi)の中(naka)で命(inoti)を落(o)としたとしても、それは私(watasi)の罪深(tumibuka)き行(okona)いの貴方(anata)の裁(sabak)きであるならば、死(si)に行くことを後悔(koukai)しなかったでしょう。 神様(kamisama)ありがとう! (It is a feeling after a big storm has passed.)

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