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Q: What does a lap pool mean?
A: A lap pool is a swimming pool that is very long and narrow, you use it for "swimming laps" so swimming up and down. These aren't commonly known and are really only used for professional swimmers to practice or compete in. They are similar to an Olympic swimming pool but longer and more narrow.
Q: What does She has two laps now, and three chins. mean?
A: The lap is the part of body at the top of the legs joining the tummy, and so two laps implies she has a lot of extra fat on her tummy.
Q: What does lap me up mean?
I heard it on a British sitcom "my family"
Ben was taking Susan to hospital to give birth. He turned the radio on and there was a song with the lyrics 'why don't you come and lap me up". Susan got irritated at this mean?
A: To "Lap something up" means to drink a liquid by licking it with your tongue, like how a cat would drink milk.

As an idiom, it means to indulge in/enjoy something (E.g. "I am lapping up every minute of this TV show!").
Q: What does lap after lap mean?
A: lap after lap is only used for running or swimming or car racing. not many english speakers will use this phrase. lap means 一周 [いっしゅう (isshuu)]

example He drove fast around the race track 競馬場 lap after lap.
Q: What does be in the lap of luxury mean?
A: To be in the lap of luxury means that you live very comfortably and are free of financial burdens/difficulties

Example sentences using "Lap"

Q: Please show me example sentences with lap (the part of the body).
A: I called my dog over to sit on my lap.

He spilled coffee all over his lap.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lap.
A: 1. A cat is resting on my lap.

2. The race consists of 3 laps around the field.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lap .
A: The child doesn’t like sitting on his mother’s lap, he fidgets too much.

Everytime I sit down, my cat comes to lay down on my lap.

We thought that our dog wasn’t going to be a lap dog when we got him, but we were wrong.

The dad wanted his son to sit on his lap while he inspected the wound on the back of his head.

That large dog has the bad habit of clawing at your lap until you let him up on it.

The mother told her daughter that she was getting too old to sit on her lap and her daughter then began to cry.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lap.
A: The cat sat on my lap.
I placed the laptop on my lap.
I spilt milk all over my lap.


I ran 1 lap in PE class.

Synonyms of "Lap" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between lap and round and circle ?
A: circle (noun): a perfectly round 2-dimensional shape

round (adjective): a descriptor for a circle's shape, e.g. a ball is round

lap (noun): the circuit of a race track (this word also has other meanings in other contexts), which is typically round in shape
Q: What is the difference between in one's laps and on one's laps ?
Q: What is the difference between laps (to seat on mother's laps) and knees (to seat on mother's knees) ?
A: The usual phrase is "to sit in someone's lap", but for some reason with children and mothers particularly, we can say "at mother's knee".
Q: What is the difference between lap and knee ?
A: Not really. A thigh is a body part. A lap is something formed only when you sit down, and it just happens to be the area above your thighs. It's not an actual body part though.
Q: What is the difference between lap and loop and ring and circle ?
A: A lap is a unit of measurement pertaining to distance (ex: He ran a lap around the field). A loop is a circle within a circle or shape (ex: the candy had many loops, there were many loops on the roller coaster). A circle is simple a shape that goes around a center point (ex: the bed was in the shape of a circle, the window was shaped like a circle).

Other questions about "Lap"

Q: Please show me how to pronounce Come on, let's run one more lap.
A: If you are interested in practicing your English more:
Q: I got a new lap top so (that) I can take online courses of TOEFL exam. does this sound natural?
A: I got a new laptop so (that) I can take online courses for the TOEFL exam.


I got a new laptop so I can take TOEFL exam courses online.
Q: what does "cool-down lap" mean?

"anyone else think they can beat me, step right up.
come on, how am i going to get a cool-down lap if no one wants to go?"
A: A "cool-down lap" is a lap where the athlete relaxes or calms down!
(A "lap" can be one run around a track, or swimming 2 lengths of a pool, etc.)
Q: She can run laps around her male counterparts. does this sound natural?
A: Male competitors is more natural than counterparts, if she is in a race.
If she is in practice with her own team, you can say male teammates.

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