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Q: What does corrective laser eye surgery mean?
A: This is adjusting the lens of the eye, with laser treatment; to improve sight.
Q: What does I work with lasers mean?
A: It means that the person's job has them using lasers (レーザー).

A person who works at a store could say they, "work with customers."

A person who works at a factory may, "work with machines."

A veterinarian, "works with animals."

And so on.
Q: What does A: I thought we were playing Laser Tag tomorrow night. B: Yeah, I was never gonna go play laser tag.
a: Why do these two use past tense to say the future event(playing laser tag)? mean?
A: Since B cancelled the plans to play laser tag the action which would have happened “tomorrow night” will never occur. In this case, since the action is hypothetical and will never actually happen the past tense is used
Q: What does laser tag mean?
A: It's a game you play in a dark room and you have toy guns and you shoot lasers at the opposite team

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Where can I buy a high-power laser pointer?
A: @jackeryhtpow
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? laser
A: Like this :)

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Q: He was banned to laser games since he harmed a kid aged 11. does this sound natural?
A: Is he 11 or is the kid 11?

If the kid is 11, you should say “He was banned from laser games because he harmed an 11 year old.”
Q: laser output max. 5000W: enables cutting of sheet metals up to 12 (aluminum), 15 (stainless steel) and 25 mm (black steel) in thickness, does this sound natural?
A: It would be better and more understandable to say " The laser output max is 5000W which enables the cutting of sheet metals up to 12mm aluminium 15 mm of stainless steel and 25 mm of black steel in thickness."
Q: We are often misunderstood that the highest laser power machine costs the cutting gas with nitrogen a lot because people image the machine used a big nozzle diameter. does this sound natural?
A: Good job!
Q: Take a laser eye surgery does this sound natural?
A: "Get laser eye surgery"
Q: A: The laser is no nifty portable.
B: The laser is no nifty or portable.
which one is more natural? does this sound natural?
A: in addition to that, use 'nor' instead of 'or'

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