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Q: What does want to see my lease? mean?
A: A lease is a rental agreement. If this still does not make sense, please share more of the context of the question.
Q: What does new lease of life mean?
A: The expression is "a new lease ON life". A lease refers to a rental agreement (on a house, a car, etc.). Saying you got a new lease on life means you got a fresh start, you got a new agreement for using your life and you can start again.
"When I finally got out of the hospital, I had a new lease on life. I couldn't wait to start my healthy lifestyle."
"I got a new lease on life when I retired. I could finally do all of the things I had always wanted to do, but couldn't because of my job."
BTW, you will occasionally hear people say "a new leash on life" (like a leash for a dog). This is wrong. The are misquoting the expression.
Q: What does As per the lease, mean?
A: “As per the lease, you cannot have a dog” means that you cannot have a dog in your apartment because the lease says so.
Q: What does lease rights mean?
A: A lease is a contract between two people. One person owns the property and the other person is renting the property from the owner. The lease says what rights the renter has - those are his "lease rights".
Q: What does take out a short lease on your premises mean?
A: Premises could be an apartment, a house, or a business office.
A short lease means you're renting it for a short time.
To take out a lease means to get a lease or start a lease.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with a new lease on life.
A: After the movie was made, the book got a new lease on life.
The project suddenly got a new lease on life when the developers agreed to provide some more funding.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lease.
A: I can lease this car for years and then decide if I want to purchase it at that time. I can lease this apartment for one year for 2,500.00 a month.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lease.
A: verb
I lease my car from the dealer.

I signed a lease with the dealer.

lease - usually with properties, or cars.
Q: Please show me example sentences with lease.
A: I lease my land to him.

My lease has nearly ended.

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Q: What is the difference between lease and rent ?
A: their definitions are similar, but when used in life, they are different
Q: What is the difference between lease and rent ?
A: For most purposes in lay (non-lawyer) use, there’s not any real difference, not one that’s legally mandated just by the label (choice of word) alone. One can rent or lease to or from someone. From a legal standpoint, what counts isn’t the name at the top of the pieces of paper, but the detailed written terms. In some fields, like real estate, vehicle, or equipment/software deals, the people in the field may have tendencies to try to distinguish the two by name, using “lease” for longer-running agreements maybe with buyout options at the end and only a single fixed period, and using “rent” for shorter-running, maybe automatically renewing, agreements with no special options at the end. But what counts isn’t the label; it’s what the detailed written provisions say. They, not the label, control how long the deal lasts, whether it renews or not and when, whether the financial bits (how much yo pay) can be changed and if so when, etc. In theory, I could have a week-to-week lease of something, or a four-year rental contract. But in terms of grammar and general lay understanding (not legal advice or industry terminologies life preferences), you can probably treat them as basically the same. This is not legal advice, of course; merely a note on usage patterns for a lay person. And it all varies by jurisdiction, from state to state and country. When I spent a month in Czechia, I couldn’t “rent” a computer — but I could buy one, with the right at any time within 30 days to force the company to but it back from me at a slightly lower price. The difference in price depended on how many days I had been “the owner,” before having the company “re-buy” it from me. For most basic purposes, I rented it or leased it. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but the end effects are close enough in the typical case to make the labels not too important.
Q: What is the difference between on lease and on rent ?
A: We usually don't say on lease or on rent, we say for lease or for rent, but I would assume "none of these toys on lease" means the owner bought all of the cars, he didn't lease them. In the US, it is common to lease cars for a period of years and then you give them back to the dealership. He might be trying to say "Look I have enough money to buy all these cars, I'm not just leasing them."
Q: What is the difference between lease agreement and lease contract ?
A: can have an agreement BEFORE you have a contract.

For example, you offer me five dollars for my book. I say yes. We now have an agreement. We can then write a contract that details our agreement.
Q: What is the difference between lease and rent and hire ?
A: Here is what I think the difference is:

You hire a person: I hired a maid. We hired a new engineer.

You rent something when you pay to use it for a fixed (usually short) period and then give it back: I rented a bicycle at the park. I rented a car on my vacation.

You lease something that you do not have a plan to give back in the near future: I leased a Honda and I love driving it to work. I leased an apartment across the river. Our company leased the equipment instead of buying it.

(Americans usually say "I rented an apartment" instead of "leased," although they still refer to the agreement they sign to rent an apartment as "a lease.")

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I signed of the lease.
I signed the lease.

I signed the lease
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Can I say “office for lease nearby Resco Tower”? Is it right?
A: thank you ❤️
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? How do you say "lease" a people in english?
A: I understand.
The noun should be PERSONNEL, not people. Your personnel are your human workforce. “Personnel” is both singular and plural.
Example: I am prepared to lease personnel to you.
If the discussion progresses to the point of naming personnel, then you would use “people”.
Example: I am prepared to lease personnel to you, including James and Ryan who are highly skilled people.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? A new lease of life
A: "a new lease on life"

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Q: I will sign the lease as soon as I view the apartment. Does this sound natural?
A: There is nothing wrong with the way you wrote it, but it might be slightly more natural to say, “I will sign the lease after I have seen the apartment.”
Q: Even if you failed over and over, you can get a new lease on life. Does this sound natural?
A: ..failed again and again you can...
Q: When is it your lease contract's going to renew? Does this sound natural?
A: when is your contract lease to be renewed
Q: When is it your lease contract renewal? Does this sound natural?
A: When does your lease renew?
Q: I didn't sign the lease yet.

How about this sentence? is it natural? Does this sound natural?
A: @illuminosa: Nice! 👍

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