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Q: What does He/she leaved vs They leaved
I see Alot of times people use “they” to refer to one person when “they” word is supposed to refer to 2 or more persons, for example people using

- “they” leaved.
instead of
- she/he leaved.

to refer to just 1p mean?
A: They left
He/she left
(Leaved is not a word).

“They” can refer to one person, most commonly if someone’s gender is unknown. It is also used as a preferred pronoun by some non-binary or transgender people.

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Q: What is the difference between leaved and left ?
A: Leaved is not correct, we don't use it, even as an adjective.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? i leaved a message or i leave a message....(simple past) What is correct?
leave = presente
leaveD no existe.

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Q: If you have been leaved in Korea then you answer me the question below.

I know who live in USA.
Someday I saw a picture on their Facebook.
They had a party in the garden their home.
They did dance and wear suits.

Normally Korean didn’t as they are.

I think it makes much have to do.

My question is this.

Do you love it?
How much did a party in a year?
Have you been a USA style party when you live in Korea or in other place?

A: why do we have 35000 troops in South Korea?

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