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Q: What does legit mean?
A: legit is short for legitimate or legitimately
Q: What does legit mean?
A: legit means real or authentic. it's like "yeah that diamond ring was legitimate/legit" or if you're using slang and you say "i'm legit so tired" as in "i'm really tired"
Q: What does legit mean?
A: It means the same thing as "legitimate" or "valid/real" and "legal", e.g. "This fundraising scheme isn't legit." It can also be used as slang for "cool."
Q: What does What is the "legit" mean? anyone can be explain to me, thank you so much mean?
A: real or legal
Q: What does "let him go legit" in 270 mean?
A: It's short for legitimate. They wouldn't let him make money using legal means.

Example sentences using "Legit"

Q: Please show me example sentences with legit.
A: This place is legit! It has a bar and a view of the skyline!

Are you sure this website is legit? It looks super sketchy.

I legit saw a monkey riding a skateboard.
Q: Please show me example sentences with legit.
A: “Is this legit?” Meaning “is this real?” You may also use “is this legitimate?” (Legit is just a short cut for legitimate) so it doesn’t matter. “That was legit!” as in “that was cool!” Is another way but it is slang. There’s not that many expressions. I hope this helped you 😄
Q: Please show me example sentences with legit.
A: I am too legit to quit!
Is this $100 dollar bill legit?
Q: Please show me example sentences with legit.
A: @ignoramous: legit is slang for legitimate, which means that something is accepted as proper or real.
Q: Please show me example sentences with legit .
A: @kanakonanan: legit is a slang term, I use it often though.

And it is best replaced by the word actually or seriously.

Here are some examples:

I legit ran over a squirrel on my way to work.

I legit never cheated on my test.

It legit smells like someone pooped in this room...

Now a situation you might not want to use it in would be:
I 『legit』can't believe you did that!
Instead you should use the word actually since it is just a better word to use, and it sounds better.

Synonyms of "Legit" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between legit and traditional ?
A: I could see where the confusion might come from. Like for example:
I just saw a traditional 부채춤 performance.
I just saw a legit 부채춤 performance. (Meaning, it's a real, traditional performance)

In this case, legit and traditional can be interchangeable but mostly because legit in this case is used as a slang. (Legit meaning real/actual, shortcut for legitimate)

But in regards to its actual meaning, usually it can't be interchangeable.
Q: What is the difference between a legit question/answer and a solid question/answer ?
A: Okay, yeah. Let me reword it. I've had time to think about these.

A legit question is applicable to the situation and can be necessary.

A legit answer answers the question fully and accurately.

A solid question can be challenging or difficult. Sometimes offensive, but justified.

A solid answer is one backed up with proof or evidence.
Q: What is the difference between legit and legitimate ?
A: They both mean the same thing, but legit is a more informal or slang way of saying it
Q: What is the difference between 'it's legit' and 'it's legitimate' ?
A: Legit is more colloquial. It's slang for legitimate but they practically mean the same thing.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what is legit i want to know other internet slangs
A: Legit = legitimate. In slang it means “cool”. But I don’t here this word used like that often. It can also mean like “actually” or “literally” 진짜로.
Other slang
- No homo = when two guys do something that’s kind of gay, they say “no homo” so it won’t be gay...? It’s funny.
Example: Two guy friends accidentally kiss (?) or something and they will say “no homo”.
- Pause. This can be said after you have said something that might be seen as sexual or inappropriate.
A: Man these nuts taste so good....pause.
(Nuts can mean the balls under a mans dick)
- “High key” and “low key”. These are used when a person is trying to express their opinion on something.
High key = Something obvious or a popular opinion or very much so/really.
I highkey hate pop music = I REALLY hate pop music, actually.
She’s high key gorgeous = She’s super super beautiful. So beautiful. It’s obvious how beautiful she is.

Lowkey is the opposite of high key. It means something is not obvious or an unpopular opinion or is kind of/actually.
I lowkey hate pop music = I actually don’t like pop music. I kind of hate pop music, actually. (See the difference between high key and lowkey?)
I lowkey love this movie = People May not like this movie, but I actually kind of love it.
She’s lowkey ugly = People think she’s pretty, but i think she’s ugly
- Salty = grumpy or rude. Example:
She’s salty cause he hasn’t been responding to her messages.
- Extra = overdramatic, over the top. It is a negative term used to describe a person. (But some people use it positively)
- As fuck (online it is “AF”) - this means “very much” or “really”. Examples:
You’re stupid as fuck = You’re really stupid
I’m lowkey tired af = I’m actually really tired.
-“DMs”. DM stands for ‘direct message’ (like Kakao or Snapchat).
- Smash/Fuck = have sex with someone.
A: (shows image of a hot girl)
B: I’d smash.
- WTF/TF= What the fuck/The fuck. It is just an exaggeration of “what” (just think of “the fuck”/“what the fuck” as “what)
It is used in real life too.
What tf is that?? = WHAT IS THAT??
- Lol = laughing out loud. Lmao = laughing my ass off. Lmfao = laughing my fucking as off. They all mean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- WTH = What the hell = Wtf
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? legit between legal. What's difference?
A: legit means real legal is like law

is this a legit nike shoes

its not legal to kill
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? legit
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? legit
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? how do you use "legit" phrase?
A: I legit saw him do that

Other questions about "Legit"

Q: Please show me how to pronounce legit, legitimate.
A: I hope this helps!
Q: Could you tell me if you could say "This is legit cool!" and "She legit thinks she’s going to steal you away from me or something."?
A: they could work. remember "legit" is the shortened version of "legitimate" which is an adjective, so it can be used in a description. however, it's not necessary
Q: How can I use 'legit' in a daily conversation?
A: This is more often used colloquially or in conversation with friends and means real or authentic. Avoid use when speaking formally.
You can say "This burger is pretty legit!!"
Q: What does 'legit' mean and when do you use it?
A: Legit means it's original or real.

Like for example somebody showed you a pair of shoes then say it's Nike and not imitation. So it's a "legit" nike shoes.

Or your friend told you something and it's true. So his story was "legit".
Q: this is a legit taco! does this sound natural?
A: this taco is legit

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