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Q: What does lemme try mean?
A: "Let me try" = "Lemme try"

When you ask to try something.

Q: What does lemme mean?
A: It is slang for 'let me'
Q: What does lemme mean?
A: Let me= lemme (slang)
Q: What does lemme mean?
A: "lemme" can be used for "let me" but it isn't a proper word more of a slang.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with lemme and innit.
A: They are slant contractions
Lwmme - let me
Innit - isn’t it
Q: Please show me example sentences with lemme.
A: Lemme see!

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Q: What is the difference between lemme and let me ?
A: Lemme is slang, not proper English. It’s mostly used by younger people. It means the exact same thing as let me.

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Q: What is mean: "lemme smash"?
Answer, plz:)
A: “Lemme smash” means the person who says it wants to have sex with you. More of a one night stand, like you guys have sex and never speak again
Q: lemme alone just go a head does this sound natural?
A: Leave me alone. Just go ahead.

Not sure what you're trying to say though.
Q: Hey, lemme ask you. ☺☺ Do you know how is your schedule at school? does this sound natural?
A: If you're asking what their schedule is at school, ask "Do you know what your schedule is at school?" But if you're asking how someone's schedule is or how they like it, then ask "How do you like your schedule for school?"
Q: You may already know this but lemme share this with you; 水と油 means mutually restrictive.「AさんとBさんは水と油のような関係だ」means that Mr A and Mr B will never be in a good relationship.水と油 is often used for stating bad relationship due to opposite personalities.
A: You may already know this, but let me share it with you: "水と油" (water and oil) means mutually exclusive.「AさんとBさんは水と油のような関係だ」means that Mr A and Mr B will never be in a good relationship. 水と油 is often used to describe bad relationships caused by opposing personalities.

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