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Q: What does the lighting was "dim" mean?
A: "The lighting was dim" basically means that the room is dark, since "dim" means "not shining brightly"
Q: What does lighting strik mean?
A: It’s “lightning strike”
It means when lightning comes out of the sky, or hits something.
Q: What does What does it mean?

The lighting is dull in the shop. mean?
A: It means the illumination is not bright. It may be that the lamps are small, or low powered or that there are too few for the size of the shop. If the lighting is dull you may noy be able to see well.
Q: What does What can you tell me about lighting? What are my chances of being struck by lighting? mean?
A: You mean lightning?
The chances of being struck by lightning refers to being electrocuted and hit by かみなり
Q: What does what does "drew the lighting from the clouds" mean? mean?
A: It means he ceized, took the lightning from the clouds. It might also suggest that the experiment didn't really happen and 'the clouds' are a metaphor for the imagination not reality.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with lighting.
A: Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.
A flash of lightning and a peal of thunder heralded torrential rain.
A sudden flash of lightning lit everything up for a second.
That house was struck by lightning and burned down.
The big tree was split by the lightning.
He grabbed the money and ran out of the shop like a streak of lightning.

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Q: What is the difference between The rumble of lighting and The rumble of thunder ?
A: Lightning is the light itself, and thunder is the sound. Usually use "The rumble of thunder"
Q: What is the difference between lighting fixtures and lighting equipment ?
A: Fixtures are typically ceiling lights or lamps, while equipment can be anything that produces light and is useful.
Q: What is the difference between 'lighting' and 'lightning' ?
A: “Lighting” is in reference to a something that is putting off light!
Example: “Dim the lighting! It’s too bright!” OR “Your house lighting is very nice.”

“Lightning” is only used for the electricity strike from the sky during a storm.
Example(1): “Wow! That lightning was so close to us!”
Example(2): “I hope that lightning doesn’t hit our tree!!”
Q: What is the difference between lighting and lightning and lightening ?
A: "Lighting" is how a place is illuminated. eg "The lighting is this room is mostly sunlight." "Lightning" is flashes in the sky when there's a thunder storm. eg "I am afraid of the thunder and lightning." "Lightening" is when you make something lighter. eg "I am lightening the paint by adding white."

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? You'r lighting in a bottle (What does it means? is something good?)
A: It means "You are amazing!"

It is very good.

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Q: lighting
A: lighting: The lightning is bright tonight. Lightning usually frightens children. = with article + without article
thunder: The thunder is loud tonight. Thunder usually frightens children = with article + without article
process: The process is almost complete. The accused must be afforded due process. = with + without
conversation: This will all be clarified when we have a conversation. We had dinner with good music and conversation. = with + without
stone: A stone provides enough weight. He wants to paint the stone on the wall. = with + without

All of your example nouns are used both with and without articles. I hope I have understood your question.
Q: "the lighting in the room is bright" does this sound natural?
A: it does sound natural.

but if you are in the room, then it's okay to say that.. the lighting in this room is bright.

but if you're saying another room, you say it as.. the lighting in that room is bright.
Q: It is thundering and lighting outside. It is really scary. does this sound natural?
A: Thunder and lightning are both natural phenomena. "Thunder" is countable and uncountable. However, we usually use it as uncountable instead. It's just like "rain", we do not say: There are "rains".
Q: The.....of lighting the olympic flame goes back to centuries.
(tradition- custom- habit- custome)
A: I would say tradition here. Maybe custom would fit as well, but tradition is the best fit.

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