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Q: What does lightly mean?
A: Lightly means gently.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with lightly.
A: I lightly poured sugar into my tea

It was snowing lightly

She lightly placed her hand on my shoulder

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Q: What is the difference between "lightly" and "slightly" ?
A: "Lightly" to me seems to deal with amount or weight, like "a little." Whereas "slightly" is more similar to "kind of."

The dish was lightly seasoned, making it taste slightly bland.

It was raining lightly.

I slightly dislike that person.
Q: What is the difference between lightly and slightly ?
A: Lightly: "Yesterday it rained lightly" -> small amount, usually for measurable things (pounds, ounces)
Slightly: "I was slightly upset" -> more of an emotional / indirect connection

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