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    2. Linebackers in American football are strong, fast, smart and are considered by many to be the backbone of a football teams defense. They are not as large as defensive lineman who are the first line of defense. But they must read what the offense is planning almost instantly, break through the offensive lineman of the attacking team who are trying to remove them from the area of the play, be ready to stop a run or break up a pass play, and, not only, quickly catch, bring to the ground, and stop the forward momentum of the ball carrier running full speed, but if well played, send the ball carrier back a few yards - all the time trying to tear the ball from the carriers arms. If a woman is tough, smart, and mean then linebacker could be used to describe her also. "Sandra was the linebacker on our negotiating team. Nobody could get any bad terms past her." Personally it is not a set of characteristics for which I would NOT want to be known. I would rather be known as being tough, smart, and so nice that everyone wanted to help me get the best terms for everyone.

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